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Adu Safowaa Breaks Down In Tears As She Apologises To Dr Kwaku Oteng After Disgracing Him Several Times On Social Media

Loudmouth media personality, Adu Safowaa has finally apologised to Dr Kwaku Oteng after continually disgracing the business mogul on social media.

Adu Safowaa has constantly dragged Ghanaian millionaire Dr Kwaku Oteng for reasons best known to her.

We are not sure what exactly Dr Oteng Oteng did to Adu Safowaa but we have witnessed on social media numerous times she dragged the name of Mr Oteng in the mud.

To take you through some of the things Adu Safowaa has done to Dr Kwaku Oteng, let me say that she is the one who revealed that Dr Oteng impregnated Tracey Boakye and is the father of her daughter.

Adu Safowaa also disclosed that Dr Kwaku Oteng is a womanizer. According to her, he fired all the ladies who did the Adonko advert except herself.

Adu Safowaa has always claimed that Dr Kwaku Oteng is her father but she’s normally the first person who comes out with more information anytime an issue comes out.

Recently, Adu Safowaa revealed that Dr Kwaku Oteng is still in love with Akua GMB and had bought her a house and a car.

There are many instances that Adu Safowaa dragged Dr Oteng but suddenly she says she has repented.

Sofowaa broke down in tears during an interview and apologised to Dr Kwaku Oteng for everything she’s done to him.

Safowaa disclosed that Dr Kwaku Oteng has been very good to her anytime she needed help.

Safowaa revealed that she was dragged out of the house at a very young house to go and hustle on the streets of Accra and Dr Kwaku Oteng was the one who helped her through those difficult times.

Adu Safowaa went on to call on Dr Osei Kwame Despite and Dr Ofori Sarpong to beg Dr Kwaku Oteng on her behalf.

Watch the video below;

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