Mr. Drew Shocks Fans As He Gives Detailed Exposé About His Relationship With S3fa


Mr. Drew has added some flesh to the skeleton story of his relationship with Black Avenue singer s3fa.

Speaking in a recent interview with Andy Dosty, Mr. Drew said he admires S3fa and knows the singer also has some sort of affection for him.

He went on to say the chemistry seen between them on stage gets more intense when they meet each other in private.

When he was asked to elaborate on the above statement, the current VGMA New Artiste of the Year said he and S3fa do a lot of things in private including some adult stuffs which can’t be said on radio.

He shocked pundits seated at the studio when he made that statement and to svfe himself from further questions about his love life, Mr. Drew said there is nothing wrong even if they do what everyone is thinking of because they are both adults.

Rumors about Mr. Drew and S3fa chopping each other went viral after the two recorded a song together. After the release of the song, the two talented musicians developed a strong bond that has morphed into what we are seeing now.

Recently, we saw a video of S3fa in the same hotel room with Mr. Drew and that made their fans believe the rumors that they are lovers.

Today, the Mood singer explained that yes he was in that hotel room with s3fa when they traveled to London for a concert.

He added that they sat together in the plane, sat in the same car which ushered them to the hotel and instead of staying in their separate rooms to quarantine, S3fa sneaked into his room.