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How Can A Broke Man Be Renting A Ghc 500 A Month Apartment? – Ghanaians Question Financial Sense of Psalm Adjetefio

Ghanaians are questioning how a supposed broke man who had no money for even food, Psalm Adjetefio, was able to be staying in an apartment costing Ghc 500 a month.

The veteran actor was in the news yesterday begging for money to pay for his rent and his upkeep after going broke.

Despite becoming a household name as ‘TT’ in the show ‘Taxi Driver’, Adjetefio had apparently amassed no wealth and is now broke.

He begged for Ghc 3,000 from the public to be able to pay his rent for the next six months.

Since his plea, he has immediately become sorted as celebrities rushed to help him to gain some points.

Ayisha Modi initially promised to pay for his rent for the rest of his life.

Then the Vice President, himself, Dr Mahamudu Bawumia, donated Ghc 50,000 to Psalm Adjetefio – Ghc 30,000 for five years rent and Ghc 20,000 for his upkeep.

Reverend Obofour later joined the donation fest by promising to build a new house for the ailing actor.

All this has glossed over the fact that when he initially came begging, Adjetefio was asking for Ghc 3,000 for six months rent.

Eagle-eyed Ghanaians have realised that Adjetefio was thus renting an apartment at Ghc 500 a month despite claiming to be broke.

Social media users were left wondering why a broke man with nothing to eat would even be renting a place that expensive?

It appears there was no money management in the veteran’s life which ended him up in such a situation.

Every once in a while, we hear stories of former famous people ending up like Psalm Adjtefio – and while they deserve help we should also be asking what kind of money management they are undertaking whilst in their prime.

For the current generation, we know they’re even doing worse – so unless they learn to manage money and not be renting mansions at exorbitant prices – they are looking at their future in Psalm Adjetefio.

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