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It Ended In Tears – Singer Omah Lay Unfollows Girlfriend After He Caught her Cheating

Famous Nigerian singer-songwriter Omah Lay has been left in tears just hours after posting a video kissing and romancing his beautiful girlfriend Gloria.

Barely 24 hours after their lovely video surfaced, fans and trolls have managed to dig up a video of the same girl having fun with another man and that has forced the singer to unfollow the girl.

Now female fans who were crying that they lost the singer to another lady are jubilating after they heard his heart has been broken and back to being single.

Omah Lay reportedly unfollowed and blocked Gloria on all social media platforms after allegations plus videos surfaced that she is having an affair with another man.

The video in question had Gloria happily jamming along to some songs in the car of a man that is not Omah Lay, her behavior spoke a lot and fans suggested the man was her lover.

Omah Lay has every right to get angry and unfollow the girl because it will really hurt to see her happy in the arms of another just hours after introducing her to the world as your lover.

A quick search on the official page of the Godly singer shows that he is no longer interested in knowing what his girlfriend is up to but Gloria still follows him.

Nigerians are celebrating after the break up happened.

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