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Drama as man catches his wife in a hotel room with another man, asks the man to kneel down plus more (Video)

An angry man who was probably informed about his wife’s infidelity stormed a hotel and caught her red-handed moments when she was about to get into a serious kinky session with her lover.

According to reports, the husband had been suspecting his wife of cheating on him and decided to place serious surveillance on her movements with the help of his informant(s).

In a video seen below, the man after getting wind of how his wife has been desecrating the sanctity of their marriage stormed the hotel and created a scene after seeing the wife and her alleged bedwarmer at first hand.

The furious husband stormed the room and could be heard threatening the man who he allegedly ordered to kneel down. The wife pleaded passionately with her husband to spare her lover’s life.

Watch the video below;

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