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Wahala Dey For Town As Nana Ama McBrown Refers To Fufu Funu As A Mad Woman

The ‘madness’ of Afia Schwar is one that cannot go unnoticed – the controversial comedian is on another level with her comedy.

The queen of comedy, Afia Schwar has recently been causing a stir with her TikTok videos. One of such videos has let McBrown referred to her as a mad woman.

Afia Schwar is seen in a video claiming that she refused to go jogging because the bible says the wicked run without being chased.

According to Queen Schwar, she was about to set off for jogging when she remembered Proverbs 28 vs 1 says that the wicked run even when nobody is chasing them so she refused.

That cracked Nana Ama McBrown up as she stormed Schwar’s page to say that she would take her to Ankafo.

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Aside from Schwar being funny and creating jokes here and there, she is that vicious woman that you wouldn’t want to joke with or offend.

She doesn’t spare people who annoy her, sometimes, you don’t even have to offend her and she would come after you which is another form of craziness.

Recently, she has had a fight with Delay after Delay called Tracey Boakye borla bird. Schwar claimed the fight for herself because Tracey is her friend.

Again, Afia Schwar is fighting media personality, Adakabre Frimpong Manso because she claims he invited Kumchacha on his show to insults her for going to Agradaa’s house.

We hope she sees McBrown’s comment as a joke, else we all know what will happen.

Watch the video below, and check out the screenshot;

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