Serwaa Amihere In Hot Water After Punching TT For Being Irresponsible And Blaming His Sidechick For His Woes


Media personality, Serwaa Amihere is under fire after blasting veteran actor, Psalm Adjetefio, popularly known as TT for blaming his sidechick for being the cause of his downfall.

Taking to social media, Serwaa wondered why a grown man who is able to tell the right from the wrong will blame another person for his mistakes.

Taking to twitter, Serwaa Amihere wrote; ‘A grown man does something and later blames a woman for it. Boi‘

This comes after Psalm Adjetefio revealed that a devil of a woman caused him to abandon his children and his wife during his hay days.

In a throwback video, TT disclosed that he regrets ever abandoning his children to follow a lady and described the lady as a devil who caused his downfall.

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TT revealed in an interview that although he forsaken his kids, they are the ones taking care of him in his sickness and prayed that they forgive him for everything that he did against them.

However, Serwaa believes that TT is being quite dishonest and irresponsible man for not owning up to his mistake.

But some social media users fail to agree with her. They are on the micro-blogging site firing Amihere for calling out TT to accept his mistake.

This comes after DKB has said that TT is disgracing the creative art industry having to beg for help all the time.

DKB advised that TT invest some of the money given to him to secure himself from being broke to the point of begging.

Again, Ghanaians didn’t spare him. They insulted DKB, noting his big head needs surgery.