‘So Does He Preach About Vanity?’ – Ghanaians Ask As Video Of Plush Hall Of Duncan Williams Surfaces Online For The First Time


Over the weekend, Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams and his ‘prodigal’ son Daniel stunned many after putting on display their plush living space.

Daniel shared a video enjoying a game of ludo with his father on his Twitter handle and indicating in the caption that nothing beats having a quality time with his father.

Daniel and Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams were seen sitting in a plush and luxurious hall of the preacher.

The living space of the archbishop has drawn the attention of many people who are shocked a preacher is living in such luxury.

The bible describes cars, houses, holiday trips and everything one amass on earth as vanity and so social media users were shocked the preacher was living comfortably in the vanity.

Some called Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams as a hypocrite if he lives in such comfort and preaches to his congregation about vanity.

Watch the video below and read some reactions below.

Okomfo Ba wrote that Duncan-Williams is enjoying luxury and would yet come and preach about “vanity” in church:

“See how luxurious the place, they will come to church to preach about vanity”

Daniel Duncan Williams has gone for a new braided look hairstyle, while the side of his head has been cut low.

The musician and preacher’s son shared a video on his social media page indicating that his new hairstyle signifies his root as a proud black man.

His father, who is a popular Ghanaian preacher, has said that the hairstyle is “cool”.