Actress Lydia Forson Gives Reasons To why She Is Still Single At 36

Ghanaian entertainer Lydia Forson has quietly given Ghanaians who care to know the individual explanations for her choice to stay single even at a moderately advanced age.

In a progression of tweets, the 36-year-old single woman depicted the people who drive her to wed as ‘villagers.’ According to her, she has self esteem and won’t grovel to cultural strain to settle down.

Giving motivations behind why she isn’t in a rush to associate with outsiders who might be keen on her for marriage, Lydia Forson said her folks have shown her not to engage individuals she doesn’t know particularly men since she was a kid…

Lydia Forson likewise added that she gets relationship and marriage interests from men on the ordinary however she has taken an individual choice not to permit outsiders into her life.

The honor winning entertainer, who turns out to be one of the female superstars who are under extreme strain by the Ghanaian public to wed, said she settles on who she gives her punani to, subsequently, that shouldn’t be the weight of anybody.

Peruse Lydia Forson’s Reasons Below

“So me declining to give my number to a more unusual who sent somebody to get it has transformed into a public discussion; even by alleged legitimate media houses. I swear you individuals are constantly outraged by ladies who don’t fall down to you. Is this even an issue or forcibly?”

“I’m truly addressing how some of you were raised in the event that you believe it’s alright for somebody to sit in their vehicle and send an alien to take your number? Same individuals will pivot and call a lady modest for bouncing into an outsiders vehicle. See eh, do you let me do me.”

“What’s more, they’ve transformed this conversation into why I’m not hitched? So you truly need to accept that in this my life I’ve not had recommendations or men inspired by me? The individual talking about me noisily on radio sef is in my DM. Be straightforward you’re simply frantic I don’t need YOU.”

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