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Abeiku Santana Confess How You Get Your Money – Slay Queen Hunt For Abeiku Santana, Wendy Shay And Okyeame Kwame

An anonymous slay queen has gone insane on social media running down people’s hard-earned reputation.

A lady who is said to be Wendy Shay’s former bosom friend has called her out over the death of her antecedent, Ebony Reigns.

In a video that has gone viral on social media, a lady is seen calling on musician Wendy Shay to confess how she gained fame. She went on blaming her for the late Ebony’s death.

‘Wendy Shay, confess, confess to Ghanaians what you did to Ebony’ she angrily said.

On dealing with Wendy Shay she jumped to media personality, Abeiku Santana asking him to also confess how he makes his money.

In spite of the fact that the lady didn’t explain into details how Abeiku Santana earns his money, she sounded as though the media personality is into something gruesome.

She also mentioned Okyeame Kwame and his wife’s name insisting they came to her and she created a whole brand for them but they refused to pay her.

The anonymous slay queen has swear to deal with these people, noting they’re yet to see power if they think they’ve seen it all.

Social media users are now confused as they play the video over and over to get a full understanding.

Some people have also said that the lady is in for fame! Who knows?

Ghnewsfile.Com are keeping our ears to the ground for more details.

Check out the video below;

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