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Twene Jonas Arrested in America – Video Drops

Twene Jonas has allegedly been arrested in the United States, his closest friend Say Da Don claims.

The American based rapper claims in a video that he hasn’t heard from ‘Glass nkoaa’ all day and cannot reach him on his phone.

According to him, he is hearing that Jonas has been arrested or something of the sort.

He cannot be sure what exactly has happened to his friend.

What he knows is that he cannot find Jonas anywhere.

This comes after NPP politician Hopeson Adorye went to the United States and said that Jonas would be deported.

Hopeson Adorye said the loudmouth vlogger had been dismissed from work, forced out from his residence and faces deportation.

Twene Jonas came out a day later to deny all those claims.

He later recorded an entire video to blast Adorye, Fufu Funu and all those claiming he would be deported.

According to him, an American worked on his travel papers from Ghana to the U.S so no Ghanaian can get him deported.

Barely a day after that video, his bososm friend in the U.S claims he cannot find him.

Say Da Don warned the NPP government and President Akufo-Addo that they have two days to present Jonas.

According to him if that doesn’t happen he would storm Ghana himself to search for answers.

Say Da Don made his concerns known in a video.

Watch it below…


Social media users have had varied reactions to Say Da Don’s claim.

Some users say it’s a stunt from Jonas and Say Da Don to trend, whilst others say he might have actually been picked up to be deported.

The third option is that he has actually been picked up by some NPP goons but we have to wait for more information on that.

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