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VIDEO: Young Man Turns Mute After Slapping A Juju Man At A Market Square

If you ever thought spiritual powers doesn’t exist, you will soon change your mind after seeing the video you are about to watch.

A young man has found himself in hot waters after landing slaps on a juju man. In a video sighted online, the young man was seen arguing with a woman at a market square in Nigeria.

The concerned juju man approached them to enquire about what the argument was about. His questions seemed to have pissed off the young man who slapped him.

His initial costume will never make you realize he is a juju man but got known after he removed his shirt.

The crowd gathered at the market place suddenly pleading with the man not to retaliate. But their pleas fell on deaf ears as the man removed his shirt and took out a stick and ended up showing it to the man which made him stiff.

Watch the video below;

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