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Editing Gone Wrong – Serwaa Amihere Mocked After Bleaching And Leaving One Of Her Legs In Edited Photo

Ghanaian broadcast journalist, Serwaa Amihere is trending on social media after trolls grabbing her over her edited photo.

Amihere is seen in a photo where one of her legs appears overly bleached and the other dark.

It’s believed that she edited the photo and perhaps lost concentration and forgot to edit the other leg.

Others have also said that the lighting in the background didn’t help to bring out the quality of the photo.

Nevertheless, the internet is doing what it does best – social media users are mocking Serwaa Amihere for her ‘bleached’ leg.

Serwaa is currently holidaying outside Ghana. The bubbly media personality has taken time off her busy schedule to catch a cruise!

Interestingly, her location is still remains anonymous. We still do not know exactly where she is chilling.

Meanwhile, she is frequently updating her followers about her fun times – she comes live on Instagram and she dishes out photos.

Recently, she shared sassy beach photos where she was lying comfortably sipping wine in the breeze. Serwaa Amihere teased fans as she asked if they wanted to see her in a bikini. But those bikini photos have not been released yet.

But even her normal photos are creating buzzes on social media and some are also causing stirs.

Check this one out;

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