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(+VIDEO) Man Buried In A Star Beer Custom-designed Coffin Causes Massive Stir Online

Ghanaians now take great pride in making coffins that reflect the life and status of the dead as someone can be buried in a cocoa custom-designed coffin to indicate that he was a cocoa farmer.

In our society, most people believe the dead should get the best possible send-off, and these custom made coffins often seal tells the life story of the person with just a glance. We have come across a lot of custom-designed coffins but what we saw today has stupefied us.

Ghnewsfile.Com has sighted a video on the internet which sees a dead man been buried in a custom-designed coffin causing a stir on social media already.

In the viral video, about six pallbearers carrying the mortal remains of the man in a star beer designed coffin which suggest that he was a drunkard who never joked with his star beer.

See video below;

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