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‘Wait And See’ – Hopeson Adorye Once Again Threathens Twene Jonas Following His Re-appearance

The Director of Operations for the FixingTheCountry movement and a member of the New Patriotic Party(NPP) – Mr. Hopeson Adorye has once again threatened Twene Jonas following his re-appearance on the internet after allegedly disappearing for two days.

Adorye who has been nicknamed “Hopeless Adorye” by social media users has given Twene Jonas a week ultimatum to apologize to him and the ruling NPP party for making it seem that they were the ones behind his disappearance.

Speaking with Daddy Freeze in a Facebook live session, Hopeson Adorye also expressed severe displeasure as to how he was roasted by Twene Jonas’ fans on the internet after SayDaDon came out to lie about him being missing.

The former parliamentary candidate additionally threatened to mercilessly deal with Twene Jonas and make sure that he’s deported from the US as he has always been projecting for a couple of months now.

Musician Say Da Don and Fremah who is believed to be Twene Jonas’ sister were also not spared from Hopeson Adorye’s attacks.

Hopeson Adorye publicly revealed his intention of taking severe action against them for lying to the general public that he had kidnapped Twene Jonas whiles they clearly knew that it was a [email protected] story they were churning out.

We are all aware that there’s no way Twene Jonas and his cohorts will ever apologize to Hopeson Adorye. Their beef is about to be resurrected once again.

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