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“He Is The Best Smoker In Ghana” – Nana Doe Exposed By Adu Safowaa For Drugs

Adu Safowaa has come out with more information about Nana Doe and she is accusing him of another illicit activity.

She has posted another faceless video on her Instagram page and this time, she is accusing Nana Doe of being a heavy smoker of weed. She called him one of the top smokers in Ghana.

She claimed she does not drink or smoke and has never tasted alcohol a day in her life but she can tell a smoker when she sees one.

The question as to what exactly we should do with that information still lingers in the minds of many. To what extent should we care that he drinks and smokes?

She as usual insulted him some more and told him she is not done with him yet. Adu Sarfowaa who apologized to Nana Doe came out with screenshots earlier today exposing his sister for being the one who pressured her to render the apology.

She dropped screenshots of her conversation with his sister and in the conversation, you could see his sister had constructed the apology she posted on social media. She woke up however and chose violence because she definitely retracted her statement.

A clear case of “sorry, I’m not sorry!” Obviously, her being sorry will take the ever wavering social media attention away from her and she was definitely not done with the satisfaction she got from hearing her phone beep all the time.

If she really wants to expose him, calling him a drunkard does not do the job and if she wants to keep the attention she has, she should come harder and perhaps pick someone who will actually respond to keep her fueled.

The beef is losing its sauce so she should dig deeper or hold her peace.

Watch the video below:


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