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Afia Schwar Exposed Over Claims of Working for Zambian Airways

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Valentina Nana Ageiwaaa, known by many as Afia Schwarzenegger has been exposed over her claim of once being a flight attendant for Zambian Airways.

A social media user in a video tried to break down the claims by Afia and said she was lying.

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Afia Schwar has always maintained that she’s not a ‘nobody’ because before entering the entertainment space, she worked as a flight attendant.

The loudmouth said she did this job during her time in South Africa.

To silence the critics, she even shared photos of herself on the job and also once shared a photo of her ID card from those times.

The social media ‘detective’ claims that per his investigation, Afia Schwarzenegger lied because the airline she claimed to have worked for ceased operations before that time.

According to the social media user, Zambia Airways collapsed in 1994.

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Therefore from 1994 till now, the airline has not operated.

He claims that shows Afia claiming to have worked for Zambian Airlines around 2009 means she lied.

However, whilst Afia Schwarzenegger often lies out of both sides of her mouth, she was not lying this time and it’s the so-called detective who is wrong.

Facts Check

Per checks, there were two airlines – Zambia Airways and Zambian Airways.

Zambia Airways is the one that collapsed in 1994.

Zambian Airways also collapsed, but it collapsed in 2009.

Hence Afia could have definitely worked there before the airline went bust.

Source Ghnewsfile

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