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She’s Prettier than Borla Bird – Ghanaians Bash Tracey Boakye And Hail Nana Addo for Choosing A Beautiful Sidechick

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Social media users have compared the two alleged side chicks of Ghana’s last two Presidents and given props to Nana Addo.

According to social media users, President Akufo-Addo has more taste for choosing Serwaa Broni than ex-President Mahama has for choosing Tracey Boakye.

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A lady known as Serwaa Broni has catapulted Nana Addo to the top of the trending charts in Ghana.

She alleged she had a relationship with the President and shared photos as proof of their closeness.

The photos show her and Nana together in intimate settings on different occasions.

The President has been trending all day for being no different from his predecessor, the well known ‘ladies man’ John Mahama.

Whilst Mahama was known as ‘Papa No’, President Akufo-Addo is now being described as ‘Nana No’.

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Naturally, the alleged side chicks of the two leaders are being compared.

Mahama was alleged to have had an affair with actress Tracey Boakye whilst Akufo-Addo had one with Serwaa Broni.

Per comments spotted so far, most people are commending Nana for having better ‘taste’ than Mahama.

Ibrah One in a comment summed up the majority of the opinions floating around social media.

He wrote: “At least Nana Addo’s side chick is prettier than Mahama’s Tracey Boakye. I don’t know why Mahama went after that fridge,”

Tracey is one of the most trolled celebrities in Ghana so it’s no surprise in this comparison more people are siding with Serwaa Broni.

What do you think? Who do you see as the prettiest between the sidechicks?

Source Ghnewsfile

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