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Hajia Bintu Is Allegedly Pregnant for Her Manager – Details Drop

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Tiktok star Naomi Asaimah, who is popularly known as Hajia Bintu has jumped into the trend.

According to information available to Ghnewsfile, Hajia has allegedly been impregnated and it’s none other than her own manager.

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Sources allege that the duo have somehow found themselves together below the sheets and the Good Lord decided to bless their union with an issue.

The instablogger Aba the Great made the allegation in a post on Instagram.

According to her, Bintu’s manager has put a bun in her oven.

“Apparently Hajia Bintu is pregnant for her manager 😎😎😎 according to my source,” Aba wrote.

This is the first sniff of this happening and we’re going to dig deeper and bring any more details we can find about it.

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If true though, can you blame the man?

Working day in, day out with a fine specimen like Hajia Bintu who is always in a seductive dress and takes photos in seductive poses must be challenging.

Guess one day it just became too much and they succumbed to their temptations.

Unfortunately, the man’s swimmers turned out to be too fast for Postinor-2.

Congratulations to them, we guess?

Check Aba’s post below…

Source Ghnewsfile

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