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I Met Akufo-Addo But It Was Only for A Minute, I Begged Him for A Photo – Audio Epxoses Serwaa Broni

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Serwaa Broni’s trend on social media might be coming to an end soon, an audiotape of her which has hit the internet casts doubt on most of her story.

In the audiotape, Serwaa Broni was heard talking like a fangirl after managing to meet the President, Nana Akufo-Addo, for just about a minute during a meeting.

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Her level of happiness and wonder at meeting the President for just a transient moment is a far cry from the way she’s holding herself as the President’s sidechick.

Serwaa Broni has become the talk of town over the past couple of weeks after she released a video and photos holding herself as a special friend of the President.

Serwaa affirmed that the President run after her and wanted to get her into bed and through that, she was able to take photos of them together.

According to Serwaa, President Akufo-Addo organised thugs to break into her hotel room to rob her in order to retrieve the evidence she had.

She pointed a finger at NPP’s Hopeson Adorye for leading that robbery.

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Serwaa’s claims spread like wildfire and she was seen as the official sidechick of Nana Addo.

However, in the audiotape published currently, Serwaa sounded the pile of stars just to have been introduced to the President.

According to the audio, Serwaa Broni was even unhappy that Hopeson Adorye had not properly introduced her and she didn’t get to spend more time with the President.

Some Ghanaians insist this is evidence that Serwaa Broni was faking news on the President or at least has wildly exaggerated her relationship with him.

However, others also think the audio is from the first time they met and since then they developed a closer relationship.

Anything is possible at this moment.

Listen to the audio below…

Source Ghnewsfile

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