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70% Of Ghana’s Problems Are From Parliament – Hon. Muntaka Mubarak

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The Deputy Minority Chief Whip, Hon Mubarak Muntaka has claimed that most of Ghana’s problems come from Parliament.

According to him, lawmakers from the government side are unable to make their dissenting views on policies and initiatives that are introduced by the government known to the public even when they feel strongly to do so.

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He said this is as a result of fear of being victimized by the governing party and the government itself.

The Member of Parliament for Asawase indicated that this has contributed to the weakening of Ghana’s Parliament.

Speaking with TV3 in an interview, he said “People on the government side don’t want to be seen to be opposing things that are coming from the government even when they know, deep down their heart that their conscience and principles don’t support it.

“Sometimes what they try to do, those who have a little conviction is to stay away. But to openly speak against it is difficult.

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This is what is contributing to the weakening of parliament and we need to be able to overcome it.

“I have said that that the challenges of this country, 70 per cent of them in my view is coming from a weak parliament. You see the Congress of America, you see the Parliament in UK, something happens and the next day the committee is holding public hearing, they don’t even give the technocrats time, under the heat and before the public they are questioning you.

“So, when people are going to act they are careful because they don’t want to appear before the Congress, they don’t want to appear before a parliamentary committee.

“Do we do that here? Most of our chairpersons are from the majority, even to call the meeting is a problem. The person doesn’t want to be seen to be acting because this agency head is a party person.”

Watch full interview below;

Source Ghnewsfile

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