Sidney tells Akufo Addo to do something

Sidney Kofi Ofori was born in Accra. Ghana, and spent his formative years schooling there. He went to Harvard College and then West African Secondary School where he finished in 1996. He also attended the Institute of Professional Studies (I.P.S.), where he earned a Diploma in Business Studies, marketing (social option).

Since 2001, Sidney has contributed to the Ghana music industry with his songs on socio-political issues and has performed in Ghana and abroad.

Sidney gained his early fame in 2001 when he released his debut album, Tinana. The album did very well, and was followed by his sophomore album, Akofna (2003). It featured the controversial song “Abuskeleke.The song became an anthem, and was used to describe short, skimpy or provocative dresses. Sidney describes its meaning as “good investment,” which has also been thought to mean investing in prostitution

Sydney whom claims non partisan, but has always been seen lurking around the New Patriotic Party NPP. When the Akufo Addo led government gained power in 2020 he was quick to remix the famous NDC Onapo to Time aso for NPP. It was the jam of victory.

Sydney whom many have accused of having NPP flag under his sleeves even though he claimed partisan has turned around to jab the Akufo Addo led administration calling them to DO SUMTIN. In his latest jam tittled DO SUMTIN, as controversial as it may sound many believe it is directed at mocking the ruling government. Words in the song suggest this years Christmas should be postponed because things are not going as planned.

It went further to to even talk about the next elections which is almost three years from now. Why talk about elections when there are even not close if you are not directing shots at the presidency.

DO SUMTIN which was released a fourth night ago is anticipated to be the Christmas banger. Creating bangers is not something far away from Barimah Sydney from Apuskeleke to Africa Money will testify to his repertoire of bangers.

Get on all digital platforms and enjoy DO SUMTIN.

Download Do Sumtin MP3 here

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