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Stop lιcƙιɳɠ women, it hinders your prosperity – Nigerian Evangelist warns men (Video)

A Nigerian evangelist who goes by the name Evangelist Chukwuebuka Anozie Obi has warned men to stop licking women without effect.

The founder and leader of Zion Prayer Movement Outreach (ZPMO) stated firmly that licking a woman hinders a man from making any headway in life.

He said, “You are imitating them, you start doing Homosexual, putting mouth in some body’s private part. You watch them on Youtube, you carry your mouth… a man that wants to prosper, you carry your mouth, inside a woman’s private part and starts washing plate.

“Now listen to me, imitating the white men won’t take you anywhere, you will see some people that can’t make money again is as a result of putting his mouth inside somebody’s private part that smells, so disgusting”.

“Those kind of men don’t use to make money, they will be marking time because you are putting your mouth from the same thing you came into the world from.” he added.

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