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Nana Ama McBrown Trolls Brother Sammy As He Struggles to Correctly Pronounce ‘Merry Christmas’ – Video

Actress Nana Ama McBrown hilariously trolled her colleague Brother Sammy as the duo met at a function recently.

The two decided to sing the ‘Merry Christmas’ song for ‘shege’ reasons and it was a hilarious moment.

Brother Sammy is well known for his struggles with the English Language and it was quite evident that he was struggling to correctly sing the song.

McBrown was encouraging him to sing alongside her as she sang the song.

Brother Sammy could be seen struggling to match the fluidity of McBrown’s singing as he had to take his time to pronounce some of the words.

In particular, Brother Sammy had to make sure to take his time pronouncing ‘Merry Christmas’.

As a ‘Kumerican‘, he did not want to get into trouble mixing up his ‘r’ and ‘l’.

McBrown was aware of this and was paying close attention to his pronunciations.

They both laughed as Brother Sammy managed to somehow successfully navigate the song and pronounce everything successfully.

Watch the hilarious video below…

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