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Shameful as Two Police Officers Brutally Assault and Taze Helpless Madwoman in Public – Video

Two Ghana police officers brought the service into disrepute after being captured on camera brutally assaulting a madwoman.

The two officers used their fists, a cane and a taser on the helpless mad woman.

The issue apparently happened in Takoradi.

A video showing the incident popped up on social media and has been spotted by Ghnewsfile.Com.

A concerned citizen around when the incident happened took the video and narrated what was happening.

According to her, the mad woman had damaged someone’s car.

For someone in her mental state, I think it’s safe to say she didn’t mean what she did or perhaps did not fully comprehend the consequences of her actions.

Despite that, the two police officers descended on her like a pack of wild animals.

They lashed her properly like a teacher disciplining a kid back in the days.

It got so bad that despite having subdued her with lashes, they also decided to use a taser on her!

Their cruel treatment of the woman is completely contrary to what trained officers should do and definitely flouts whatever image IGP Dampare is trying to build for the force.

Netizens are furious and raining insults on the police service over these actions.

The officers involved must surely be identified and sanctioned by the police service because no citizen deserves this kind of treatment, much less a mentally unstable person.

Watch disgusting video of the police’s behaviour below…

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