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Dede, Your Head Like Pawpaw – Angry Twene Jonas Rains Insults on Ayew Brothers After Gabon Disaster

An angry Twene Jonas has rained satisfying insults on the Ayew brothers – Jordan and Dede.

Jonas has taken on the mantle to respond for Ghanaians following the disappointing mess of Friday night clash against Gabon.

The Black Stars drew with Gabon 1-1 in a very disappointing second group game at the ongoing African Cup of Nations.

Ghana took a first half lead through the captain of the side, Dede Ayew, but as usual, decided to sit back and defend their goal.

That backfired as Gabon grabbed a controversial late equaliser.

Disappointed Ghanaians rained fire on the team on social media and Jonas has joined the fray.

In a video, Jonas goes to town on the two Ayew brothers.

They seem to have been pinpointed as the cause of Ghana’s woes.

According to Jonas, Dede’s head looks like a pawpaw.

He blasted both brothers with no mercy, the same as he would do to any leader who has failed Ghanaians.

Watch Jonas discipline the Ayew brothers below…

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