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Is Life that Hard? – Social Media Reacts As White Lady Is Spotted Working As Trotro Mate in Accra – Video

Is life now that hard? Social media users are wondering after a white lady was spotted working as a mate.

Ghana has become so difficult that staying here is a living hell not just for our citizens but for foreigners too, apparently.

A video going viral has demonstrated to netizens exactly how difficult it is to survive in Accra.

In the video, a foreign lady is spotted working as a trotro mate – to the polished among us, bus conductor.

She was standing outside a trotro and shouting out the destinations as mates usually do.

“Accra, Accra, UTC, Accra,” she could be heard shouting in the video.

A shocked passerby could not believe what he was seeing hence decided to record.

He posted the video online where it’s causing lots of waves.

Whilst one fan was wondering if life has become that difficult for her to be working as a mate, others said there must be something wrong and she’s probably a spy for her country.

“She can be a spy,” one suspicious netizen wrote.

“I hope she has working permit? She should pay her part of the E-Levy,” another fan joked.

One social media also said this shows Ghana is a country where anything can happen.

Watch the video below and drop your reaction as well…

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