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French Ambassador to Ghana Spotted Waiting in Queue for Waakye – Video

The French ambassador to Ghana has become the latest foreign ambassador to be seen displaying some antics to endear themselves to the local population.

The godfather of that was His Excellency Jon Benjamin, erstwhile British ambassador to Ghana.

Benjamin was a darling to Ghanaians during his time here because he took time to do things which appeal to Ghanaians.

He was spotted in Ghanaian wear at times and often shared opinions on Ghanaian issues, particularly involving showbiz and politics.

Benjamin’s often sarcastic social media posts, especially on topics involving Obinim, Shatta Wale or John Dumelo, also got him engaged with Ghanaians often.

His blueprint was later emulated by the Australian High Commissioner to Ghana, Gregory Andrews, although his stay here was far more shortlived.

The next foreign ambassador to be trying hard to embed themselves among Ghanaians is the French ambassador.

Anne Sophie Avé has been spotted in a video waiting in queue to buy waakye, shocking netizens.

Reactions indicate people are drawn to her down to earth behaviour in the video.

“Wwoooow I love this woman 😍❤️❤️👏 #myrespect✊🏻” one netizen wrote in reaction to the video.

Another added: “No one is above waakye queues😂”

Watch video of the moment below…

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