Online Detectives Drop Evidence Proving Lady in Alleged Shirtless Akufo-Addo Photo is Serwaa Broni

Earlier today, a photo dropped of a shirtless man in a very comfortable room with a woman, alleged to be the President and his sidechick, Serwaa Broni.

The photos went wildly viral on Ghanaian social media, particularly Twitter and Instagram.

It seemed to be the latest release from Serwaa Broni, who has been a thorn in the flesh of the President since she emerged months ago.

Serwaa alleged that Nana Addo has been chasing her and trying to sleep with her.

She caused a huge stir by releasing numerous photos of her with the President.

However, she never released a photo as explosive as the one we’ve just seen.

This new photo sees the President shirtless in a room with a woman, believed to be Serwaa Broni.

Check it below…

So far, the speculation has been that the woman in the photo is Serwaa Broni.

However, that now appears to have been confirmed by some very inquisitive social media detectives.

Matching tattoos on the back of the lady which are visible in the photo clearly match tattoos that are on Serwaa’s back.

Therefore, they allege it’s definitive proof that the lady is Broni and thus the man must be Akufo-Addo.

Check the alleged evidence below…

SOURCE: GhanaCelebrities.Com

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