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Ama Cherry: 8 banging photos and videos of Ghanaian immigration officer that are trending on IG

In every profession at least you can find gorgeous ladies in there and it is not only actresses and models who have been flaunting their beauty on social media.

Our Immigration officers have joined the trend and one of them is Ama Cherry who is not giving any chance at all on Instagram.

Ama Cherry is an Immigration officer and he has been flaunting her beauty in the green uniform. She easily qualify as a model all because of her beauty and stature.

Ghnewsfile.Com has come across 8 photos of Ama Cherry that have taken over Instagram.

1. Duty calls, Ama Cherry getting ready to serve the nation with all her heart:

2. Looking gorgeous in her uniform. Ama smiles alone can melt any heart of a man:

3. Without in her uniform Ama Cherry looks like a model, flaunting her stunning beauty in this photo:

4. Gracing the lense of the camera with her natural beauty and posing:

5. An officer with swag. She always looks spectacular even in a casual outfit:

6. Don’t make a mistake, she is not your every model. She is an immigration officer:

7. As her caption said, she is a simple beautiful officer but can’t stop feeling herself in this picture:

8. Just looking flashy, red skirt and white top just turned heads on. Ama you are nhmwa:

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