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Shatta Wale Disciplined by Jackie Chans “Jackie Appiah Fans” After He called Her Cheap.

Shatta Wale, a Ghanaian dancehall musician has started a beef between himself and Jackie Appiah, a famous Ghanaian Actress and Socialite.

Shatta Wale has yet again started another war and this time, it has over him. He took to his handle he was rich when Jackie Appiah was hustling in the ’90s. Well, the actress held her peace but the fans didn’t. They disciplined Shatta Wale with words he’ll never forget.

The issue all started when Shatta Wale went live a few days ago to rain insults on some industry performers including Jackie Appiah and Stonebwoy. He added that Jackie is Cheap and undeserving of a role model. Well, we don’t know what made Shatta Wale say that.

From Shatta Wale’s address to Jackie, she sells out her body for materialistic stuff. He also said when Jackie was struggling in the ’90s, he was busy trending as the biggest artist is known.

Jackie Appiah being Jackie never came out to answer back but lo and behold the fans did. This is what we call a Jackie Chan Movie. The Chans dealt with Wale and rained all sorts of insults on him. A comment made explained Jackie was raised and born in Canada but brought to Ghana as a young girl but that cannot be said about Shatta Wale.

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