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Trending KNUST Student Shares Reasons Why She Added The Message To Her Graduation Post

A post that dropped yesterday and has been trending of a young lady who completed KNUST with 2nd Class Upper and celebrated with words “no matter the form you might be in be content”.

Stephanie Maame Esi who was the young lady explained in a talk with Bloggerkayrico from Ghnewsfile what made her post it.

” I took my graduation picture about 3 weeks ago, and I don’t know it was like in the first year I started with an upper 64. This meant in the second semester I could have gotten to a point where I could have reached first class, but on the second semester of the first year I dropped, I got to lower. I got 58. something and it was a blow for me. It became a challenge to me and has affected me till now. I never told anyone about it. I had to fight back. Every semester I had a point increase or two points. I felt I had to complete with first-class because wherever that I’ve been from childhood if I’m not the best at least I’m among the best. It was something I wanted to achieve. People sometimes ask me what class was I in? When I tell them, 2nd class, they are like I thought you were in first class. When I finally reached a final year, I had already applied for scholarships so I wanted a strong aggregate for the scholarship. I finally completed with a strong aggregate but I felt bad. I felt I didn’t try hard enough. People did drop but they pulled back up, I felt I didn’t try hard enough. I had the pictures 3 weeks ago but I couldn’t post them. I tried on posting it on LinkedIn. I didn’t want to add any message to it but I sat down and thought it doesn’t matter whether I got a first-class or not, but LinkedIn is a challenging platform where people post their achievements and I got a second class. Whichever post that I saw was first-class and if you see some posts they just post they graduated which gives you a heads up they didn’t achieve 1st class. Anyone who got a first-class wanted to show off. I sat down and thought well, I made it. A scholarship people have been struggling to get, I got it. My name was even part of the Dean’s honest list for my faculty. That was what made me write that. Even if I didn’t at least I’ve gotten this opportunity. Even if I got a first-class or second, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that I made it.” She explained.

Well, I wish Stephanie Good luck ahead. Not everyone dares to voice out after everything that’s happened in her mind. I hope every one out there encourages their self with her message.

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