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Forget about getting good roads and hospitals if you reject E-levy – Abronye warns Ghanaians

Bono Regional Communicator for the New Patriotic Party, Kwame Baffoe aka Abronye, has said Ghanaians cannot have adequate hospitals, roads, and other social amenities if they reject the e-levy.

Explaining his position, he stated that taxes are used to fund development initiatives such as roads and hospitals.

In his views, paying taxes is not painful as compared to paying high-interest on loans.

According to him, embracing the E-levy is preferable to getting IMF loans, as some economists and financial experts have advised.

To quote Abronye DC, “If you oppose taxes [e-levy], then you have no right to demand decent hospitals, you have no right…yes taxes are used to improve the country”.

He also said that Ghanaians would be entitled to accountability when they pay the electronic transaction tax now being debated in parliament.

“Once Ghanaians embrace paying taxes, I would assist them in demanding government responsibility for the e-levy. I won’t declare I’m an NPP member because when the e-levy is utilized to create roads, hospitals, and secondary and primary schools, I will profit.

Ghanaians should comprehend and accept the government’s stance, then demand a list of all projects funded by the e-levy”.

However, he noted that relying on the IMF for financial help is unsustainable, he stated that Ghana paid 350 million dollars in interest on an IMF loan taken in 2014 by the John Mahama government.

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