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Lady left brokenhearted by abroad based Nigerian man who snubbed her after paying bride price (Video)

A young Nigerian lady seeks advice as she narrates the heartbreaking story of her man who abandoned her after paying her bride price and other necessary rites.

According to the young lady, she has being in relationship with this man for years before he relocated to Spain.

Their relationship was rosy and sweet until after their introduction when the man in question suddenly became a snub.

“Since 2015 we have been dating. He travelled to Spain to hustle in 2018. Came back December 2021 did introduction and travel back. Everything was going fine till this January …to pick my calls is problewm.. he don’t call for any reason. Never been pain like this. What should I do guys. He has paid my bride price already .. i really wish he did not. could have moved on with my life… I cant date anyone too,” she wrote.

Watch the video below …

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