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“My Pe**s Can’t Penetrate My Wife To Be’s Hole, What Should I Do” Man Seeks Advice

A social media user has sent to his social media account to deplore the ladylove he’s yet to marry. From the man’s statement, his 36-year-old wife has a very small ‘hole’ and which makes it hard for him to penetrate during s#x.

He explained how he tried to make it as easy as possible for him to penetrate but to no avail.

On his handle, he wrote,

“Auntie Abena

My girlfriend has “NO HOLE”.

I know this lady for almost a year now. We are all 36 and making every move to marry somewhere this year.

But Auntie, recently we tried to make love and it was painful for her. I tried to do EVERYTHING to make her feel a bit relieved but I could just not penetrate.

Many times I massaged her, lubricated, licked her, and many many things but a finger could not even enter without her screaming.

This is not any other pain but solely the pain of penetration. I am beginning to feel my p*nis are too large. It is long and big but it is just a little over the average size.

What should I do? I love her so much and I cannot hurt her”.

See the screenshot below

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