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What is a micro wedding and how do we plan it?

This is a question that many couples are asking themselves as they plan their big day.

What is a micro wedding and how do we plan it?

A micro wedding is a unique style of wedding that is becoming more and more popular. It is smaller in scale than a traditional wedding, and often takes place in an intimate setting.

If you’re interested in having a micro wedding, this article will tell you everything you need to know! We’ll discuss what Micro weddings are, how to plan them, and some of the pros and cons of this unique style.

Think of a micro wedding as a scaled-down version of a traditional wedding. The focus is on simplicity and intimacy, rather than extravagance. Micro weddings often take place in outdoor settings or smaller venues, and usually involve fewer guests. We’re talking no more than 40 people!

So how do we plan them?

The first thing to consider is where. Micro weddings tend to be more casual than traditional weddings, so they are usually held outdoors or in small venues like private homes. So, if you had some huge location in mind, then you can trash the idea.

The second thing is how many people you want to invite. Micro weddings often have fewer guests than traditional ones because there isn’t room for everyone on the guest list! So if your budget allows it and you want to have a small wedding, go for it!

Third is the guest list itself. This goes back to our earlier point about limiting the number of guests. Micro weddings are intimate affairs and you’ll want to make sure that everyone there feels special. And make you feel special. You don’t want strangers attending your wedding just for the wining, do you? So think carefully about who you want to invite and don’t be afraid to cut people from your list. Remember: quality over quantity!

The pros of having a micro wedding include:

– They are more affordable than traditional weddings.

– They are intimate and special, and you can focus on each individual guest.

– They often take place outdoors or in smaller venues, which can be more charming.

The cons of having a micro wedding include:

– There may not be enough space for all your special guests.

– They can be less formal than traditional weddings, so you may need to provide more direction to your guests.

– Micro weddings are still a relatively new concept, so some people may not know what they are!

So we’ve got the basics covered. However, if you still don’t feel comfortable handling the plans of the wedding, you could get a wedding planner to help you out with it. Micro weddings are a growing trend, and many planners have experience planning them!

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