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Class Mates Laugh Whiles Student Beats Up Colleague Badly – Video

Video captures the dreadful minute a female student smacks another girl 30 TIMES in the head while others in a class chuckle and gaze. The incident happened at Las Vegas high school:

A Las Vegas high school student brutally assaulted a classmate by punching her in the head over 30 times as other students watched and cracked up. Visual filming of the event reveals the victim raising her hands to defend herself before putting her head on her desk.

Probably, the lecturer extends their arms to the aggressor and yells; ‘Stop, stop, stop. Get off of her’

The video stops with the victim face-first on her desk.  It continues clouded to what degree she was injured or what situation she is in.

The state did not publicize what corrective measures were taken but noted that violence is not tolerated and ‘will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law’.

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