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Lady reveals what she did when she had to choose between her PhD and love life

A Nigerian lady based in Canada has taken to her twitter to narrate her wonderful journey through her career and love life.

The lady identified with the Twitter handle, Dr. Adeola Olubamiji had stated that one of her biggest challenges was meeting the right guy at the wrong time.

She stated she had met a guy in Finland who was madly in love with her. They were still together when she had received a PhD admission in Canada.

Knowing she’d have to move to Canada, the guy had proposed and she had said yes, since she didn’t want to hurt his feelings.

She, however made it clear to him that she’d still be going to Canada for her PhD and had asked him to find a way to Canada too.

The lady, however, found it difficult managing the relationship and dealing with stress from her academics. She had let the man go and held on to hope that she’d meet another.

She found it quite difficult getting someone else as people were intimidated by her PhD and didn’t want a wife that would be too smart for them.

The lady stated at the end of the tweet that she had met a man who’s everything she’d prayed for and more; and she doesn’t at all regret her past decisions.

An excerpt from her post read;

“One of the hardest decision I have had to make is to turn down a LOVE that came at the WRONG TIME. I met a guy back in Finland. We were both students by day and cleaners by night. But he was madly in love with me. You could tell him anything about me and he would still love me

Suddenly, I got a PhD admission and full funding in Canada! And it became clear that I was going to move to Canada and leave him behind. Guess what? He proposed! Chei! What was I supposed to do when I know he could k’*II himself if ! said no. Well, I said yes.

But made it clear, I am going to Canada and going alone! If you want me, get yourself to Canada by school or any other method &.l am not staying back to marry and have kids while we would both be cleaners and be madly poor and madly in love.

left for Canada. With time difference and PhD student stress, the relationship became a burden. I am realistic, so I let this good man go! Told myself there will be other good men in the future. For now, let me face making myself a real, successful and good woman.”

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