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Police Storms Occult Base As They Filmed Themself Chopping Off Their Manhood

In a video that surfaced on Social Media for a short while, seven men were been arrested for filming themselves while getting cut open their balls for an adult channel publicized on Twitter.

It was been noticed through investigation that a basement flat in Finsbury Park, North London, was their occult base and they castrate their genitals for them to stream it on a pay-per-view ceremony.

It was believed that a three-day investigation was earlier launched for the flat to be thoroughly investigated and through their conclusion, they get their hands on the cult group recognized as “nullos” meaning genital nullification.

A Norwegian man, 44, habitation at a house titled “The Eunuch Maker” was confined on the notion of conspiracy to effect terrible bodily harm.

Reports imply that the man is speculated to be operating a film production company and has gone through the surgical protocol with six others who were also busted.

It was believed that this group of people met online to put their ideas into motion.

A compatriot responding to the raid explained, “It was all very bizarre, there were police outside the flat for a few days. They were putting everything in plastic bags — it looked like computers and laptops”

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