Mark Zuckerberg threatens to shut down Facebook and Instagram in Europe

Facebook and Instagram may be shut down in Europe if Meta is not allowed to transport, store, and analyze data from European users on US servers, according to a report.

This is because Meta stores data from European users on American servers, which is controlled by the Privacy Shield and other model agreements. The EU is now scrutinizing existing data transfer agreements.

Many of Meta’s “most significant products and services,” like as Facebook and Instagram, would “probably” no longer be available in the EU if a new framework is not adopted, according to reports in iTWire, The Guardian newspaper, and Side Line Magazine.

Facebook and Instagram in Europe: ‘Life would be quite lovely without’

Meta emphasized that cross-border data sharing is essential for its services and targeted advertising.

As a result, it previously utilized the Privacy Shield transatlantic data transfer framework as a legal foundation.

Aufgrund of data protection infringement, the European Court of Justice dissolved this pact in July of 2020. EU and US have since said they are working on a revised pact.

Meta processes data from European users on American servers using the Privacy Shield and Standard Contractual Clauses.

These model agreements are also being scrutinized in Brussels and elsewhere in Europe.

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