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You are breaking honor when you make it your husband’s duty to wash the dishes – Nigerian clergyman (video)

A Nigerian clergyman identified as Prophet Isaiah Wealth, has said that any woman who makes washing of dishes the duty of her husband has broken his honor.

While preaching to his congregants, the clergyman frowned at women who are against the doctrine that the man is the head of the home. He emphasized that just as God is the head of the church, the man is the head of the home and that his wife must submit to him.

”No Submission to any system or any person has crept into our homes. Husband and wife is the same, 50% 50% shares .Nobody is the head.

God told us that the husband is the head of the house. Society is telling us that everybody is the same. In other words, husbands should wash the dishes and the wife should watch TV and it is acceptable.

It is the right of the husband if he decides to sweep and wash the dishes if he wants to. You break honor when make it your husband’s duty to wash the dishes. You have violated heaven. I don’t care what they told you in the magazines. It is written, the husband is the head. When you violate your husband, you violate God” he said

Watch a video of him speaking below …

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