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Police Arrests Pastor Who Shaves Female Pubic Hair And Armpit.

Ghanaian pastor popularly known as Pastor Blinks, with identity as Nana Mensah-Mark, has been charged by the police over an unauthorized movie he publicized in the country way back in 2017

Do you remember the video of a pastor and his female congregants that went viral? In the video, he was found shaving their pubic hairs and armpit. Before the video went viral, he had made it known that was a direction obtained from the Holy Spirit.

However, it later occurred that the viral video was an extract of a movie titled “Pastor Blinks” which was planned to be released in December 2017.

Answering the intense complaints that shadowed the movie trailer, the Pastor explained it was “not to dishonor Christianity but relatively help catch sight of the bad ones as they are somewhat increasing roots.” Well, after all these years, he’s been taken into custody awaiting trial.

Reason For Arrest;

The National Film Authority (NFA) documented him to the police for producing and publishing a movie without any legal label or category.

Pastor blinks is now in custody and awaiting trials

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