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The Biggest Tycoon, Dr. Osei Kwame Despite Follows Up His $3M Bugatti With An Equal Costly Gold Watch And Causes Stir.

Dr. Osei Kwame Despite has done it again. The continuation of his glamorous 60th birthday is still in session. Ghana’s multi-billionaire has shopped the most costly Caveman Watch bespoke wristwatch. Snaps of the perfect masterpiece timepiece confirm that the watch is created of genuine gold.

According to statements, Dr. Osei Kwame’s recent luxurious handmade watch costs a sum of GHc70,000, 700million in old currency.

Check out the photos here

This classy watch follows just days after exhibiting his $3M Bugatti Chiron Super Sport car which caused a stir throughout Ghana. Many people are not stunned because the CEO of Despite Media is recognized for not giving chance when it comes to flaunting money on clothes, jewels, cars, shoes, and other life comforting stuffs.

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