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ICAO Approves Ghana Card As An E-passport To Be Used In 197 Borders. (Watch)

Ghana National Identity Card, the Ghana Card can now be used as an e-passport in 44,000 airports globally.

This means the Ghana Card, which is a unique biometric identification card, will be accepted as an e-passport in 197 borders globally and 44,000 airports in the world.

The International Civil Aviation Organization(ICAO) declaration follows an earlier hint, given in November 2021 by the Vice President, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, that Ghanaians anywhere in the world would soon be able to travel back home using their Ghana cards. Ghana Card is now an e-passport.

ICAO has given its seal of approval for Ghana’s National Identity Card, it is to be recognized globally as a valid e-passport. Now, holders can present it to all 197 compliant states & 44,000 airports worldwide & board flights to Ghana without fear or hindrance.

See video here;

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