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“Imagine Going To Heaven Pantless?” Michy Makes Funny Impression In An Interview. (Watch)

Ghana’s well-known actress, Michy could not conceal her flow of comedy about the claims of converting toll booths into Public washrooms at the motorway.

According to Michy, it was unbelievable and would necessarily not stand well to residents who would have to go to the washroom to take a pee in the middle of the road.

She made a funny reaction saying the idea that has been initiated would be reckless of you’re to use a washroom on a highway.

A funny statement she made that made all jaws and tears burst out into laughter was that imagine dying in a washroom and a highway and going to meet God? What will you say?

“Because you can’t dodo over there, It’s too risky. Imagine sitting inside that thing and something happens, are you going to Heaven pantiless; what are you going to tell God?” she said to host Andy Dosty.

Check out the video;

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