Christiano Ronaldo Jr. Has Successfully Signed A Contract For Number ‘7’ Jersey With Manchester United Academy.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s son, Ronaldo Jr, the 11-year-old son of VIP footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo has endorsed for Manchester United’s academy, pursuing in his dad’s path.

Cristiano Jr has played for the club’s academy on several events over the past months after Ronaldo himself rejoined the club recent summer.

The youngster has now formally accepted a professional contract with United and will rock the same number ‘7’ jersey his dad used to wear

The declaration was given rise to by his mate at the academy, starlet Gabriel on Instagram after the couple endorsed their contract phrases at the same time.

In the post, he said: ‘Delighted to finally have my signing day done even better to have mine with teammates @cristiano JR.”

Ronaldo’s son is yet to unwrap an Instagram handle of his own but Georgina Rodriguez, Ronaldo Sr’s pregnant girlfriend, proudly posted pictures of the period Ronaldo Jr certified for his new club

She took to Instagram: ‘Pursuing our dreams together. Mom loves you.’

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