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Disclaimer: Barbaric As Faith Healer Nails A Pregnant Woman’s Head To Aid Her In Delivering

A Pakistan pregnant lady was nail-pierced in the head by a “Faith Healer” on believing that it would help her deliver a bouncing baby boy.

The woman got to the Lady Reading Hospital in the town of Peshawar, Pakistan enduring two-inch nail-pierced in her forehead skull and narrated to the hospital staff that a “faith healer” alleging it will bring her luck performed such barbarism

The expecting lady, also a mother of three kids, was foretold she would deliver a girl after she went for a scan. Out of desperation on threats posed by her husband concerning a divorce if she brings out another baby girl, she consulted the faithful believer.

It was told by Geo News report that the pregnant woman tried to remove the nail with pliers before she arrived at the hospital.

An X-ray of the two-inch nail had lanced the crown of the woman’s forehead but luckily eluded her brain.

The physician said: ‘She has completely regained consciousness, but was in enormous pain.’

Peshawar police announced the victim support officers have been instructed to confront the lady to embark on an investigation into the matter.

They reinforced that ‘legal action will be put up with against those accused.

‘We have collected the CCTV footage from the hospital and hope to reach the woman soon.

‘We will soon lay our hands on the sorcerer.’  City Police, Cheif Abass explained.

In South Asia, it is believed that sons deliver adequately financial insurance to parents than daughters hence preferential treatment is given to male kids.

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