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Val’s Day Wahala; Wife In Tears After Husband Blocked Her From Seeing His WhatsApp Status

An unidentified Ghanaian wife has carried to social media to speak how her lawfully married spouse has blocked her from seeing his WhatsApp status.

Per what she said, she has two cell lines which both have been enlisted on WhatsApp but she later noticed that her husband has blocked one of the digits.

She announced that her husband blocked the number that she’s especially effective on and she never realized until she used her other WhatsApp account to verify.

“I have two phones both use WhatsApp. We communicate more on my Airtel than my MTN. Today, I decided to check my messages on the phone with MTN and I realized he had updated his status. I however can’t see his statuses with the Airtel,” she said.

She went on to explain that she is uncertain if she needs to engage her husband about it or wait and see if he posts something that would be evidence that he Is betraying her.

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