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Trey Songz Charged $20 Million For S3xual Assualt.

Trey Songz is being charged of rap!ng a lady at his home in a current $20 million sexual ass@ult trial that was documented against him.

The woman requests in the lawsuit that she had a considerable sensual connection with the singer that was sexual but that altered on March 24, 2016, when he was reportedly a “savage rapist”.

A diplomat for the singer withheld the proclamations, according to TMZ.

In a release the diplomat told: “Earlier today, the lawyer who inductedated this case was credibly impeached of trying to disburse a woman to falsely implicate. Trey. Hours later, that exact attorney has classified this suit on behalf of an unknown client. It isn’t difficult to see what’s going on here, and it is a shame for genuine victims of sexual @ssault.”

The woman alleges that she went to one of the artist’s house parties in 2016. She alleges she was invited upstairs and then raped by Songz after she notified him she did not like to have an@l s£x.

The woman claims Songz extracted her pants when they got to the room, h£ld her down, and forcibly penetr@t3d his p£nis into her an*s

She also said that she cried out throughout the apparent suffering and pleaded for him to stop.

The woman also alleges that she got to the hospital and was too afraid to announce the artist after she was assessed.

She said the assessment discovered that there was “severe anal tearing that could compel surgery.”

Trey Songz is nowadays handling with two other distinct sexual raid lawsuits.

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