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Transport Fares To Be Increased By 30% Commencing On 18th February 2022

The association of Private Commercial Transport Operators has announced it is increasing transport fares by 30 percent following a current increase in fuel prices.

The organization has directed its members to impact the increment by Friday, February 18, 2022.

In a press release dated January 10, the Association pointed out that the initial plan is being put to action as drivers are facing hardship nowadays.

“It must be noticed that we bear with Ghanaians on the recent economic crisis, but to keep us in the company, we are left with no extra option but to increase transport fares a slight upward, which is a 30% increment,” the press statement read.

C-DAG, Concerned Drivers Association Ghana stated that the increment is impacted by many aspects, including fuel price at the pumps, the rise in vehicle prices, and the increment of spare parts and petroleums.

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